The Good Sort

This Australian-inspired cafe is all about the good life with super healthy options to help get you on the right track.

While you've probably heard of the glamorous vibes happening over at Chinese Tuxedo, if you're after something healthy and light, you should probably take a look next door at The Good Sort. Part of the same family, this little cafe is bright and airy and totally vegan. Inspired by the health-focused cafes of Australia that brought you the avocado toast, this place will feed your body as well as your soul.

The food of choice here is congee, which is very similar to what you might think of as porridge and a breakfast staple in China. Served with a variety of toppings - both sweet and savoury - these bowls are positively loaded with flavour. After starting with a rice base, you can either go sweet with something like the turmeric-and-coconut congee covered with Champagne-poached cranberries or perhaps more of the savoury like the mushroom congee with braised shiitake and jicama. While they have a bunch of set options, if you ask nicely they'll be happy to experiment with new flavours as well. If morning mush is not really your game, they also have a selection of pastries like a gluten free lemon-thyme muffin.

Being that the Aussies also kickstarted the global coffee revitalization, it comes as no surprise that The Good Sort also has this on lock down. Beyond just the basic brews, they also have a range of speciality lattes and teas that are loaded with extra special ingredients to give them a special kick. Named after their colours - Black with charcoal and sesame, for example - these are as beautiful as they are tasty.


Ideal For

Recharging your body and mind in the big city

Signature Dishes

Turmeric-and-coconut congee with Champagne-poached cranberries

Signature Drinks

Algae-enhanced Blue latte