My Perfect Day - David Piccioni

Owner of Amante Beach Club, David Piccioni, shares with his favourite Ibiza tips and hangouts, giving U an insight into his 'Perfect Day'.

How do you start your day?
I love to start my day with a yoga session at Amante. An incredible place start the day in a tranquil manner, a yoga session followed by a healthy breakfast next to the glistening sea helps you to fully realise and fully appreciate how fortunate we are to start another day.

Leisurely lunch go to?
With our own award-winning kitchen my leisurely lunch go to is Amante Ibiza. I usually alternate between having one of the healthy super food salads or giving into the urge and tucking into a burger!

Favourite way to pass the time in Ibiza?
The island is such a beautiful place I find I can fully appreciate it once I get onto my1200cc BMW motorbike. In my opinion it’s the best way to see the island, and it always helps if you can occasionally leave the roads and drive through the forests. It's a great experience!

Favourite Ibiza landmarks, and why?
I like to drive the motorcycle up to the mast at Sa Talaiassa, the highest point on the island. I drive up, and sit for a while, taking in the 360° view. It can be a little intimidating to know that a plane once crashed into the place, it hasn’t happened in years so I’m not too worried.

Tipple of choice and favourite cocktail hangout?
I don’t drink, so my favourite tipple is a super-greens cold pressed juice down which I will be found enjoying this summer at the newly opened Aiyanna

Favourite dining destinations, and why?
I love to go to Can Pilot in San Rafael, a traditional Ibicenco restaurant that is simple, rustic, unpretentious and serves incredible food 

Final stop for a nightcap, and why?
I often nip into Bambuddah Grove for a quick drink and to say hello to the usual barflies

Rest hangover remedy?
Rent a catamaran and drift over to Formentera on a still day - take a quick dip before you set off, and you are on your way!

Where next on your travels?
I’m in Ibiza so much, and as I love it so much I don’t feel the need to travel anywhere else!

Dave was head of highly influential dance label Azuli Records and led the international DJ life, plying his trade in clubs throughout the world. Having decided to wind down that chapter of his life he invested in Amante and more recently, one of Ibiza's cool eating spots where the menu is as breath taking as the view. He is also behind Ayianne which is to open this summer on the North side of the island.

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