Bar Moga

A jazzy cocktail bar and eatery inspired by 1920s Japan

Japan’s equivalent of the flapper called ‘moga’ meaning ‘Modern Girls’ in English, Bar Moga adds a modest and delicate sprinkling of Japanese interpretations of popular western dishes with inspirations from the 1920's. Known as yōshoku, the concept merges Western and Japanese cultures citing everything from the venues vintage lights, decorative advertisements and music. Chef Takanori Akiyama (a SakaMai chef by trade) has introduced a menu which includes ‘Japanized’ hamburger steaks with glazed carrots and a demi-glace sauce, as well as a classic omurice omelette with chicken rice and curry doria. 

Bartender Becky Mcfalls-Schwartz (a former employee of cocktail guru Sasha Petraske) continues the concept with American based cocktails with Japanese led ingredients. Think ‘Women in the Dunes’ with infused barley sochu or the speciality wine ‘Suo Red Collection No.2’, the result of a collaborative effort between Napa Valleys Ntsiki Biyela (South Africa’s first black female winemaker) and Helen Keplinger. 


Ideal For

Cocktails with Japanese led ingredients