Unicorn Food

Discover the latest Insta trend with a selection of Miami's own unicorn food.

The unicorn foods trend is making its way across the nation and Miami restaurants are participating in the sugary movement with colorful dishes of their own - some of which are available for a limited time only! It's time to check out some of these eye-catching rainbow desserts. 

Salty Donut's Unicorn Donut
Salty Donut's creation is tasty, colorful and for a good cause. The limited-edition dream donut's proceeds will benefit Style Saves, which is a local nonprofit that supports underprivileged children. The Unicorn Donut is made from 24-hour, hand-dyed rainbow brioche, injected with a homemade citrus marshmallow fluff, topped with a vanilla bean glaze & homemade hand-dyed marshmallow crisps! The limited-edition Unicorn Donut is available from Friday, April 21 to Friday, May 5.

Sugar Factory's Rainbow Sliders
Five colorful Angus sliders with melted American cheese on a toasted rainbow brioche roll and topped with Sugar Factory's special sauce. Pair it with a signature shake for a sugar overload - so worth the calories!

Halves & Wholes' Bedrock Red Velvet Ice Cream Sandwich                                                                      A ‘Yabba Dabba’ delicious ice cream sandwich includes vanilla ice cream in between two red velvet chocolate chip cookies and sweet fruity pebbles sprinkled on top. 


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