My Perfect Day - Timothy Hollingsworth

The chef patron of the acclaimed restaurant Otium in Downtown LA shares with U his tips and hangouts, giving U an insight into his perfect day in L.A.

How do you start your day?
I get up and usually start by feeding my dog, Roscoe. Then I make a bottle for my daughter, wake her up and feed her while taking Roscoe out on a walk. When we get back home, I make breakfast and eat with everyone, take a shower, and head to work.  

Leisurely lunch go to?
When I'm not at Otium, I like to get oysters - L&E Oyster Bar is closeby. Or tacos always make for a great lunch, too. 

Favorite way to pass the time in L.A.? 
LA is such a great city with so many options for outdoor activities. I like to go on hikes with my dog, go to the beach with my family and go surfing. 

Favorite L.A. landmark, and why?
Echo Park Lake. I live nearby and it’s a great place to run around with the kids, rent a paddleboat, eat elotes, play in the playground with the family, or play basketball.

Tipple of choice and favorite cocktail hangout? 
Green Chartreuse Swizzle. Walker Inn is a great place to go, it's really an experience in and of itself. 

Favorite dining destinations, and why? 
I'm a big fan of Genwa, I just love Korean bbq, and I love eating there with my family. It’s a fun time for the kids, and they have great quality meat. Jon & Vinny’s is also always a solid option for a great meal. 

Final stop for a nightcap, and why?
I would have to say that the best place to stop for a nightcap would be back at home. I have a decent bottle collection at home, so I like to be able to come home and unwind with something simple.

Where next on your travels? 
I'll be in London at the end of the month for a Chefstock dinner with chef Alyn Williams. I staged in London earlier in my career, so I'm definitely looking forward to visiting the city again. 

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