This new Iberian-inspired restaurant from the team behind Hart’s offers a menu dedicated to the coastal flavors of Portugal and Spain.

The interior of Cervo’s is largely inspired by Iberian cervecerias, casual spots where seafood and beers are served counter-style. The space is decked out with wood-panelled walls and decorative tiled floors.

Nialls Fallon and chef Nick Perkins are the partners, with Aaron Crowder in the kitchen, and their aim is to use sustainable seafood, but there’ll be plenty of high-quality tinned Spanish and Portuguese seafood too and the team will be preserving in-house using their own salting and pickling techniques.

The wines, exclusively from the Iberian Peninsula, most notably the islands and coastal areas, include sherries and Madeiras by the glass.

Ideal For

A European seafood soiree.

Signature Dishes

Signature dishes include items like clams in white wine with garlic, Spanish mackerel crudo, yellowfin tuna with string beans and new potatoes, beef tartare and a lamb burger.

Signature Drinks

Rebujito: sherry, lemon-lime soda; Tiempo y Dinero: mezcal, lime, curacao.