Quality Eats Nomad

The latest outpost from the Quality Meats guys brings affordable steaks to Nomad.

Coming from Michael Stillman and the Fourth Wall group (Smith & Wollensky), this is the third location for their casual and affordable option with a focus on lesser-known cuts of meat, after the West Village and the Upper East Side. The new space seats 100 diners, with room for another 24 in the bar and lounge. Interiors feature abstract ingredients carved into the wood-panelled walls as well as character portraits by artist Simone Massoni.

With all steaks under $30 the menu ranges from the $19 bavette steak to the $29 ’Don Ameche’ filet mignon and the spread of excellent sides with the likes of kambocha squash hummus and scalloped sunchokes, chef Craig Koketsu has delivered a playful take on the classic steakhouse. Traditional sides with a twist include creamed spinach that comes in hushpuppy form and bacon topped with peanut butter and jalapeño jelly. New menu items to Quality Eats third location also include the Veggie Double Club (two house veggie burger patties with American cheese), the Reuben for two with sproutkraut (the chef’s version of sauerkraut, made with Brussels sprouts), and Matcha Green Tea Pudding for dessert (coconut almond sponge cake with pink Kit Kats). 

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Incredible quality steak at an incredibly affordable price tag