Sushi of Gari

Master Chef Gari Sugio’s unique omakase concept, which has seen him named as one of the 10 Best Sushi Chefs in New York, is unmissable.

This is the first Sushi of Gari restaurant, which opened in the Upper Eastside of Manhattan in 1997. Three other New York locations (Caolumbus, Mid-town and Tribeca) and one Tokyo branch quickly following suit, as well as a restaurant in Los Angeles. 

This restaurant from Gari provides an engagingly intimate dining experience focused on the art and style of omakase sushi, a prix fixé approach where the chef hand-picks the menu for each guest.

Gari is known for its unique sauces on each piece of nigiri designed to enhance the flavor of the fish, rather than masking it in soy sauce. The result is a tantalizingly pleasing one-of-a-kind journey for your palate.

This is one of NYC's most exclusive sushi experience and utterly unmissable. 

Ideal For

A sushi extravaganza

Signature Dishes

Snow crab with uni, Hokkaido scallop with ume sauce, King mackerel with mushroom sauce, Japanese red snapper with fried lotus root, salmon topped with onion sauce and seared tomato, and halibut paired with poached quail egg and truffle oil.