Inspired by the cuisine of Greek Mountain Thiefs, this modern restaurant in the Flatiron District is all about spit-roasted meats.

Merakia, a word that modern Greeks often use to describe doing something with soul, creativity, and love, is a restaurant that celebrates this rustic style of cooking, known in Greece as a Psistaria, where meats are either grilled or cooked on a spit.

Signature dishes include Pork Kon-tosouvli, pork marinated 24 hours in moschofilero wine or Kleftiko Karveli, lamb shank slow-cooked with many herbs and spices, baked in a round karveli bread.

But it’s not all Greek here. There’s a section on the menu entitled America America!, too, featuring beef steaks such as hangar, bone-in rib eye and petit filet.

Interior designer Anna Niedermeyer enhanced the urban, industrial space to suit the new, more rustic menu. Blue tones, warm neutral colors, natural brick, antique mirrors, and a reclaimed wood floor blend seamlessly with the sturdy bones of the Flatiron location.


Ideal For

A meat fest

Signature Dishes

Mountain Thief Kleftiko Karveli - lamb shank slow-cooked with herbs and spices, baked in a round karveli bread, as well as half or whole chicken, along with lamb and spit-fire roasted potatoes – all cooked to mouthwatering perfection on state-of-the-art rotisseries/spits.