This Japanese import comes from Tokyo Ichiban Foods, a company that has about 50 restaurants in Japan.

The restaurant in Murray Hill offers an izakaya menu that is a little bit more upmarket than what U might be familiar with. The menu features different categories and includes some unfamiliar dishes such as baby sardines with grated daikon, steamed monkfish liver with ponzu sauce, and cold udon with tempura. Hot dishes include chawan mushi, and miso-glazed eggplant with seafood, with more substantial portions for items like tuna tail steak. Fried dishes, kushiyaki skewers, plus sushi, sashimi, rolls, salads, soup and desserts round out the menu.

The elegant dining room is decorated with handmade ceramic tiles. The chain has its own aquaculture facility for bluefin tuna and king yellowtail, which it flies in to its restaurants daily, including now to New York. But unlike the places in Japan, which are simpler izakayas, this branch has a retail counter where soon, these fish and other seasonal varieties will be sold. For now U can take home beautifully crafted, handmade Japanese tableware to try to recreate a little bit of Japan at home.

Ideal For

A Japanese feast

Signature Dishes

Elevated izakaya fare, including skewers, hot and fried dishes plus sushi, sashimi and fresh fish flown in from Japan.