My Perfect Tipple - Sam Paget Stevenson

Founder of The Rum Runner, a bespoke cocktail service that designs cocktails that perfectly complement any event, bar or restaurant, Sam Paget Stevenson shares with U his favourite hotspots for the perfect tipple...

The Zetter Townhouse

They have a drink on their menu called the 'Master at Arms' which is definitely one of the best rum cocktails I have had the pleasure of drinking. It is an incredibly cosy place to hang out and is conveniently parked right next door to The Modern Pantry - which if you haven't been has some delicious food. I couldn't recommend these two in tandem more for a night out. 


You won't ever have to suffer from drink envy at Dandelyan as there is no such thing as picking badly. If we are talking rum though, the 'Lonely Heart Killers' is a great choice. Aside from the amazing drinks, it is also a pretty incredible space designed by Tom Dixon and is positioned right on the Thames which is the dream. 

Marks Bar, Hix

The Rum 'Manhattan' here is awesome. It's not on the menu but any of the bartenders will whip it up from their very cool submerged bar. 


If you are into big garnishes then this is the place for you, but be prepared to drink your cocktails from some pretty unusual vessels - an owl, a grenade and a skull to name a few! If you haven't been then you're in for a treat, this place has some brilliant drinks that are as beautiful as they are delicious. 

Trader Vic's 

In my opinion, one of the best classic rum cocktails is a Mai Tai and this should of course be ordered by a bartender at Trader Vic's. The cocktail dates back to 1944 and I am told their recipe for the original Mai Tai hasn't changed since. Whether this is true or not is really neither here nor there as it is really tasty! The Tiki bar is obviously kitch and always makes for a funny night out.

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