Tang Hotpot

This new hotpot hotspot in Chinatown offers an upscale version of the classic soup dish.

The restaurant comes from Yu Li, a partner in the East Village noodle spot the Tang, with chef Yan Zhang, from China overseeing the kitchen.

Located on Bowery and Grand street, Tang Hotpot, is a sleek and modern space, with a balcony reserved for private dining.

Tables are fitted with burners that hold vessels of bubbling spicy Sichuan broth ready for ingredients arranged on platters alongside. There are several hot-pot dishes, including one with lamb offal, another featuring Dungeness crab, a Wagyu beef option, one based on herbs, and a traditional hot pot called Tang Pot. A brief array of appetizers and cold dishes that can also be sides, and starches like Sichuan fried rice.

Ideal For

A comforting bowl of hot soup

Signature Dishes

Five types of hot-pots, including clams and crab meat. Then there are four different combo platters, including lamb shoulder roll, wagyu strip loin or goat loin. There’s also plenty of fish such as tiger prawns and lobster.