Borrow My Corgi Service

A 'borrow my corgi' service is coming to London to celebrate season two of The Crown.

Launching on 8 December to coincide with the arrival of season two of The Crown on Netflix, "Borrow My Corgi" gives fans of the show the chance to dog-sit one of the specially-selected pooches (of the royal variety) over the course of the weekend to enrich your viewing experience.

Inspired by the Queen’s longstanding love of Corgis. Those taking part can expect to have their four-legged friend chaperoned to your front door by one of the "BMC Royal Butlers". You are then free to enjoy the company of the pooch while bingeing on the new series. 

The corgis will be allocated via an email ballot, and be available December 8 to 10. To apply just email and tell them which part of London you live in and what day you'd like your corgi to arrive.


Ideal For

Puppy-loving Londoners