Yaso Tangbao

This spot featuring Shanghai-style street food, with locations in Downtown Brooklyn and Industry City, has branched out into Midtown Manhattan.

The menu is focused on tangbao – soup dumplings – with both traditional flavors such as blue crab and spicy pork served alongside more experimental options like chicken with activated charcoal.

Other dishes include things like pan-fried pork, curry chicken or vegetable buns; as well as sweet and sour pork ribs; and braised pork meatballs. There are also noodle dishes like spicy diced chicken noodle soup; or soy garlic noodles with cilantro. The new Midtown location also features a new breakfast menu, including things like hot dumpling soup, scallion pancake ‘tacos’ with egg, congee with pork rousong.

Ideal For

A dumpling binge

Signature Dishes

Shanghai-style street food inspired soup dumplings