A "lucid dreaming" experience located over two floors of a 20,000 square feet warehouse in central London, which promises to help you master your subconscious mind, by controlling your dreams.

The experience awakes all your human senses in a place where hyperreality and virtual reality meet - a live, multi-sensory experience with immersive technologies. Brought to you by DotDotDotthe experience - for groups of six - mixes live performance with multi-sensory elements and immersive technologies to embed you in Somnai's world.

Upon arrival change into pyjamas, before being introduced to a dream guide that’ll act as your guide through the world of lucid dreaming. You’ll then disappear into a series of “dream worlds” built from virtual and augmented reality. Finally, you are confronted by a moral dilemma which determines the course of your on-going journey, before you are reunited with your friends for a celebratory cocktail.  

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