Lumos Kitchen

Qifan Li is back with the opening of Lumos Kitchen, where Baijiu, the ancient Chinese liquor that sells more than any other in the world, takes center stage.

Four years ago Li created Lumos Bar on Houston Street but now she’s opening Lumos Kitchen because she felt they had to serve more food. Hok Chin, a Hong Kong native who has spent time in some of New York’s top French kitchens, including Essex House and the Mark Hotel, fuses French and Chinese cuisines at this new restaurant in the East Village.

With more than 30 baijius behind the bar, mixologist Orson Salicettihas created a baijiu focused cocktails list, with concoctions such as a sesame colada with mangosteen, and the El Paso, combining baijiu with Lillet, lime, Sichuan pepper, cucumber and cilantro.

The interior of the restaurant is bright and airy, with blue leaves decorating the walls, and a semi-open kitchen.

Ideal For

Chef's eight-course tasting menu

Signature Dishes

Signature dishes include pan-seared quail with foie gras in a Chinese wine sauce, black bass glazed with baijiu-miso sauce, wok-fried tiger prawns, and foie gras fried rice.

Signature Drinks

Baijiu, the ancient Chinese spirit