Mars Science City

A vast "space simulation city" in the Emirati desert to help scientists learn how humans can one day survive on Mars.

The Mars Science City will stand as a prototype for the first human settlement on Mars, simulating the planet's terrain and harsh environment. Plans involve the creation of a 1.9 millions square-foot simulation city, consisting of several domes, complete with advanced laboratories for food and water, walls created using sand from the Emirati desert, and a museum that displays some of the world's greatest space achievements. The project (which is costing £100 million) will utilize 3D printed technology as well as heat and radiation insulation to imitate the red planet’s terrain and harsh environment.

The project will be home to a team of researchers and scientists who will live there for a year, carrying out experiments to look at the food, water and energy needs to sustain life on Mars. As well as the laboratories and museum, the project will also be home to a team living in the simulated red planet city for a year. The project is part of Dubai's Mars 2117 Strategy, which seeks to build the first settlement on Mars in the next 100 years. Check back for updates. 

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