Remembering Jonathan Gold

The Los Angeles Times and Pulitzer Prize-winning food critic has died aged 57.

Jonathan Gold died of pancreatic cancer last weekend after being diagnosed with the disease earlier this month. 

"There will never be another like Jonathan Gold, who will forever be our brilliant, indispensable guide through the culinary paradise that is Los Angeles," said mayor, Eric Garcetti in a statement.

"Jonathan earned worldwide acclaim as a food critic, but he possessed the soul of a poet whose words helped readers everywhere understand the history and culture of our city. His passing is a loss for all who share his love for L.A. and unique understanding of how food -- whether served from a truck window or atop a white tablecloth -- is an incomparable expression of our common humanity." 

Gold was the star of a 2015 documentary, "City of Gold," directed by filmmaker Laura Gabbert, which chronicled his deep and complex relationship with the food and culture of his city.

In more than 1,000 reviews since the 1980s, Gold chronicled L.A.’s diverse and vibrant restaurant scene from taco trucks to Korean porridge parlors and hyper-seasonal tasting menu restaurants, elevating many unknown eateries into the mainstream.

In its obituary, the Los Angeles Times hailed Gold as a writer who redefined the genre of food criticism, being "drawn more to hole-in-the-wall joints, street food, mom-and-pop shops and ethnic restaurants than he was to haute cuisine."