Chotto Matte Chat

Exclusive sit-down with the London import's owner and chef.

Chotto Matte on Miami Beach is the first U.S outpost for the London-based Nikkei restaurant. The swanky and frankly jaw-dropping decor includes a sleek surprise element we'll just let U experience. We recently shared a cocktail table with owner Kurt Zdesar and Group Executive Chef Jordan Sclare and chatted about their debut. 

Why Miami?

Kurt: There was always a plan for the U.S. I love L.A., but the growth Miami is having now gave us a quality opportunity. 

What does Chotto Matte mean?

Kurt: In Japanese it means "wait a minute". 

Is the Miami location the same as London?

Kurt: It has the same DNA, but we're always trying to improve. I want to keep it exciting and to surprise and entertain our guests. 

What are some dishes we shouldn't miss?

Jordan: Nikkei gyoza, beef short rib, octopus and Nikkei sashimi.

Kurt: Nikkei is an evolution of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine. It is the flavors of Peru with a Japanese technique. I eat it every day. It's so clean, fresh and tasty. 

Ideal For

knowing the backstory while enjoying an incredible feast

Signature Dishes

Ebi harumaki: spring spring rolls; Chotto ceviche: branzino sashimi; Beef fillet on the Robata BBQ; Nikkei sashimi; Pork belly.

Signature Drinks

Pisco Sour: Don Benedicto Pisco Quebranta, lime juice, cane sugar, egg white and Peruvian bitters She's So Smoking: Henessy VS cognac, peach, ginger, Lapsang Smoke and shiso leaf.