The Best Places to Drink Salcombe Gin in London

Our friends and co-founders of the award-winning Salcombe Gin, Angus Lugsdin and Howard Davies, navigate their way around their favourite cocktail bars.

Mark's Bar at HIX Soho

A long standing relationship of mutal appreciation has blossomed between Mark Hix & Salcombe Gin. So much so that Salcombe has collaborated with Mark on their second limited edition Voyager Gin Series entitled ‘Mischief’, available across all of Mark's bars. Relax in the comfortable lounge bar at Hix Soho and ask Head Bartender, Tim Pope for a Full English Negroni with Salcombe Gin ‘Start Point’ to sip on whilst taking in an early evening game of pool. Salcombe's citrus heavy botanical mix compliments the bitter rosehip cup, whilst the sensationally soft Dartmoor water makes this a particularly smooth Negroni serve with sweet Vermouth and baked apple. Ask for some red grapefruit peel to complete the serve.


Salcombe isn't just known for it's stunning gin and distillery. It also has a celebrated past supplying Salcombe Crab to some of the top restaurants in the country. Claw is one of those. Venture into this rustic abode just off Carnaby Street and delve into a Crab Roll featuring Salcombe Crab. Accompany this with a classic Salcombe & Tonic, garnished with red grapefruit and Salcombe Seamist...close your eyes and you'll hear the Seagulls flying overhead as you picture yourself sailing in Salcombe estuary.


Jamie Olivers first ever restaurant carries a great reputation in the restaurant sector, taking on young poeple from troubled backgrounds, and training them up to join the hospitality industry. They also have a great selection of gins, with Salcombe Gin in pride of place on their back bar. Ask for Head Bartender Sorin's classic 'Southside' featuring Salcombe Gin. The heavy ratio of lime shines through alongside Salcombe Gin's fresh citrus peel, and the mint highlights the subtle sweetness from the camomile flower and liquorice.

Tamesis Dock

Exactly where Salcombe Gin belongs: on a boat, watching the waves gently lap up alongside the hull. This quirky Thames-side boat bar showcases live music on a weekly basis, and alongside it's impressive collection of craft beers, Salcombe Gin sits pride of place on the back-bar with a Pennant Flag on show as it's calling card. It wouldn't be right to ask for anything but a classic Salcombe & Tonic, nothing but a double measure will do, but this time try it with a light tonic to allow the smoothness and citric kick of Start Point to shine through. As you take in some early evening jazz onboard, sit up on deck and watch the sun go down over London.

Mere by Monica Galletti

It's been a long time coming, but finally revered chef and personality Monica Galetti has opened her first restaurant, Mere, with husband and wine expert David Galetti. Head Bartender Adam was one of the opening bar team at the Rosewood Hotel, and since has managed several bars around London. Since arriving at Mere, he's adopted Salcombe Gin as his go to premium London Dry. His Salcombe 'Dirty' Martini is a stunning subtle blend of Salcombe Gin Start Point, Lillet Blanc, and Salcombe Seamist. The Seamist is a distillate of citrus, bay leaf, samphire and gorse flower, mixed with Cornish sea salt. When sprayed over a classic Martini, you get sea air on the nose, followed by a light coating of sea salt on the lips. A much lighter take on the Dirty Martini, holding off on the oily brine. Garnished with a black olive.

Jin Bo Law

Luxury rooftop bars don't get much better than this. On the 14th floor of the Dorsett City Hotel sits Jin Bin Law, an exquisite Pan-Asian inspired cocktail bar with a twist of Tiki thrown in. Perhaps not a typical haunt you'd expect to see a very British luxury gin like Salcombe in, but Head Bartender Vladamir likes fine spirits behind his bar, and so Salcombe found it's way there. Why not allow these world class mixologists to make you a classic Pennant Martini, with Salcombe Gin Start Point, Dry Vermouth, and fresh grapefruit peel. The soft Dartmoor water and light savoury spice (hailing from the cinnamon, cubeb, and bay leaf) make this a sublime base for a dry Martini. What better way to spend an early evening, overlooking London's economic hubs of enterprise, and contemplating your next entreprenerial adventure...

Salcombe Gin was born out of a love of gin and a dream to produce the finest white spirit in the world within one of the most stunning coastal towns. Inspired by the coastal vitality of Salcombe and its ship building heritage for exotic trading routes, Angus and Howard developed a recipe with fresh citrus at the very core. Salcombe Gin is now available in leading cocktail bars and retail outlets up and down the country. 

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