Rooftop Spa at The Confidante Miami Beach

The Confidante Miami Beach reveals renovated spa with new treatment options just for U.

The newly renovated rooftop spa at The Confidante Miami Beach has arrived. Delivering a fresh and inspired approach to health and wellness, the spa combines classic services (hot stone massages to deep tissue therapy) with new-age offerings (crystal massage journeys) to treat the mind, body, and spirit. The rooftop retreat comes to life with two air-conditioned spa cabanas, dedicated relaxation areas and fitness terrace overlooking the beach.

In a partnership with lifestyle brand, Glacce, famous for its crystal water bottles, The Confidante Miami Beach will debut customized crystal massage journeys. The multi-sensory experiences harness the power of crystal energy to rejuvenate, relax, or release based on your preferences and needs. At the start of the treatment, U will be invited to intuitively select a crystal sphere, each featuring its own powerful vibration. Upon selecting a crystal - whether clear (high energy, focus, clarity), rose quartz (self care, trust, clarity), or amethyst (calm, intuition, detoxification) - U will then enjoy a mood-boosting and detoxifying Bulgarian rose water elixir from Glacce’s crystal water bottles, containing matching crystal obelisks inside.

In addition to the crystal massage journeys, the rooftop spa brings a new “Chill It” après sun treatment to the menu, the perfect antidote after a day in the sun. It all begins with with a chilled, organic Aloe Vera juice that revitalizes the body, promotes skin youthfulness and reduces inflammation. Your back is then soothed with a light massage using an Aloe Vera treatment that cool and hydrates the skin, followed by a gentle Aloe Vera gel application straight from the leaf. 

And don't forget at any point during your spa journey, U can add one or two enhancements for $25 and $40, respectively. Enhancements include Onyx Youth Magnet Masks, which combine botanical oils, volcanic ash-infused minerals and amino acids to eliminate impurities and enhance skin texture and tone. 

Additional enhancements include back or foot scrubs (whether Himalayan salt or the spa’s exclusive Tropical Cacao Scrub), facial Himalayan hot stones to stimulate circulation and reduce stress, as well as cold jade stones for the body to release toxins and promote serenity.

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