Shoo Shoo

A Middle Eastern restaurant has opened in Nolita brought to U by former 12 Chairs co-owner Shimon Maman with Albert Bitton and Sharon Hassan.

Shoo Shoo aims to transport U to Israel by emulating the energy of Tel Aviv’s bohemian café culture. It is named after a term of endearment in Hebrew used to refer to an exclusive but inviting event or gathering.

Inside the restaurant U will find an airy, inviting space made up of natural wood finishes, light tile and various shades of blue reminiscent of the Mediterranean.

The menu is overseen by Israeli chefs Loren, Daniel and Narkis Alfi, who give classic Middle Eastern dishes a New York twist. Here, your falafel is made gluten-free, served on a plate with healthy condiments; the wittily-named “ShookShooka” comes with broiled housemade tahini; and a spicy lentil stew is decked with a large chunk of butternut squash. Another must-try menu item is the Arayes, a pita sandwich filled with your choice of meat (lamb or beef), tahini, roasted tomatoes, hot peppers, pickled onions and sumac.

Dushan Zaric (Employees Only) has created a inventive lis of cocktails. Don't miss the signature “Shoo Shoo Cocktail” (arak, St. Germain, blackberry purée), and “Distance and Elegance” (overproof bourbon, lemon, chamomile peppercorn, St. George Americano).  


Ideal For

Lunch with friends

Signature Dishes

Focusing on grass-fed organic proteins, whole grains, and seasonal vegetables, the all-day menu of shareable plates encourages people to taste and enjoy many dishes throughout a meal, creating a communal table and a symphony of flavors every time you walk through the door.

Signature Drinks

Craft cocktails with a Middle Eastern twist