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Chief Concierge of The St. Regis Bangkok, Atiphol Soonthornsingh, shares with U his top five cultural recommendations in the city of Bangkok.

China Town and Wat Trimitr

Chinatown in Bangkok is home to over a million ethnic Chinese - usually of second or third generation. Known locally “Yaowarat”, The area around Yaowarat is one of the most vibrant and interesting for inquisitive tourists and a day of exploring is definitely advised. In the daytime, there are many shops and stalls selling products at some of the cheapest prices in the city. At night time, the area is transformed into a street food heaven, with vendors stretching off into the distance.  On top of this, Chinatown also boasts the largest solid gold Buddha in the world. Housed inside Wat Traimitr, the 5.5 ton Buddha was hidden coated by cement for hundreds of years and was only discovered when it was accidentally dropped while being moved.

Chatuchak Market and MOF Markets

This market is the world’s largest weekend market with more than 15,000 stalls, it really is a must-visit. Expect to get lost at least a half-dozen times and just enjoy the bargains that come your way. Keep hydrated with fresh coconut juice or Thai iced tea. Chatuchak is no Bangkok secret, but next door MOF market (Organisation for Farmers) or local names as “Or Tor Kor” is so much more than a local market. Products displayed here are among the best found in the entire country. With such an incredible range of beautiful fruits, fresh vegetables, meats and seafood, Or Tor Kor should be on the list of must-see of any chef, and it's just next to Chatuchak Weekend Market. Or Tor Kor Market is a nice place to stroll around, whether you are just browsing, taking photos, or actually doing some grocery shopping. Fresh, large fruit of all types and varieties is what it is mostly known for, but you will also find a wide range of vegetables, seafood, pre-cut meats and flowers.  Ready-to-eat meals come in all varieties, types and servings. Steamed fish curry custard, som tam, chili pastes, chili dips, fresh herbs and spices, green curry, red curry, vegetable stir-fried dishes, deep-fried fish, and grilled prawns are all available at Or Tor Kor Market.  

Tubtim Shrine

In the tranquil gardens of the beautifully-restored Nai Lert Park Heritage Home lies ‘Tubtim’ Fertility Shrine. The shrine was originally created in honor of Chao Mae Tubtim, whose spirit is thought to inhabit an old tree in the gardens. Legend has it that women who took offerings and prayed for children had their prayers answered, so the shrine evolved into a fertility shrine and now women come specifically to wish for a baby. Nai Lert House itself is worth a visit for its private collection of Nai Lert family antiques and its meticulously restored period details.

Thai Kickboxing

The whole of Thailand is full of kickboxing stadiums but the biggest fights happen in Bangkok, normally at either the Lumpini or Ratchadamnoen stadiums. Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand and it is talked about everywhere. The viewing figures on TV are some of the highest for any show that is aired. An evening spent at the stadium is sure to be action packed as the locals get so immersed in the fights that the atmosphere reaches fever pitch. There is usually somebody walking around taking bets as well if that is of interest to you.

Blind Massage

Experience the new massage concept provided visually impaired therapists. With their unique talent for massage therapy, they fully focus their sense of touch to make you feel comfortable and sink into the deeper state of relaxation. Say goodbye to fatigue and body tension and get ready for another day of fun.

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