My Perfect Day - Luca Maggiora

One of London’s most prolific and successful nightclub entrepreneurs shares with U his perfect day.

How do you start your day?
I take my time in the morning without any of my tech devices as my job is really nonstop work until about 4am every day. So I keep a strict morning regime and I never sleep with a phone in my room to be distracted by business as the first part of my day I want in peace. I wake up to classical music and meditate for 20 minutes in silence. Afterwards, I’ll have a cigarette, drink peppermint tea, take a shower then check my emails.
Leisurely lunch go to
Cipriani’s. I love going there for lunch – the people who work there, the atmosphere and the food is great and it feels like home. I have been going to Cipriani’s for the past 4 years and I go as often as possible as the staff who work there are like family.
Favourite way to pass the time in London
To pass the time, I like walking around the city without any destination, observing people and having quality time to myself. I’m always surrounded by people and my phone is my main tool I use to conduct business so having peace and quiet and simply taking walks through the urban city relaxes my mind.
Travelling landmarks
The Shard and The London Eye are great pieces of architecture. The Tate Modern is cool to go to on weekends to check out the art. I like walking through Soho, Chelsea and Mayfair as these are where my businesses are and I love seeing the little changes that happen in London.
Cocktail hangouts
Chiltern Firehouse. I think this remains the coolest bar in London. The crowd is always top, the actual quality of the cocktails is excellent, the staff are very friendly and it has a casual charm with discretion.
Favourite Dining Destinations
Roka, for it’s excellent sashimi and lamb chops and, of course, my restaurant La Mia Mamma for its key Italian dishes home made by Italian mommas who cook their secret family recipes.
Stop for a nightcap
I never have time for a nightcap as I work at my venues in the evenings so I will either be in Charlie, Scandal, Toy Room or perhaps La Mia Mamma restaurant but the bar I would go to is Chiltern if I have time!
Hangover Remedy
I rarely get hangovers but I would suggest to eat ginger, drinks lots of water then go back to bed! To work in nightlife, I don’t drink as the successful operators stay focused with small targets to get where they want to be.
Next Destination
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. I am going for carnival in March. I love everything about Brazil - the fun people and warm culture. When we got approached to open a franchise of Toy Room this year in São Paulo, I was super happy about it as it’s another reason to visit Brazil more often.
Luca is a former bank credit analyist turned leading hospitality entrepreneur. Luca owns Toy Room with partners Corrado Mozzillo, Jordan Rocca, and Gennaro Salerno with operations in Dubai, Sao Paulo, Delhi, Mykonos, Athens and Rome. In addition, Luca is involved with Scandal Club, Charlie Club and Acai Berry and La Mia Mamma restaurant. 

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