My Perfect Day - Camilla Fayed

Camilla Fayed, founder of the popular plant-based restaurant Farmacy, shares with U her perfect day.

How do you start your day?

I usually spend the morning a little outside of central London - helping the team at our Farmacy Kitchen Garden - a biodynamic plot of land in Kent, where we grow vegetables and herbs for the restaurant.

Leisurely lunch go to?

Most afternoons I tend to be either catching up with the team or having meetings at our flagship restaurant in Notting Hill. The day can get quite busy and so more often than not I enjoy a delicious and nutritious lunch there - the chef’s seasonal curry is my favourite at the moment!

Favourite way to pass the time in London?

I love being surrounded by nature, I find it relaxing and energising and so try to spend as much time as possible outside. As such, one of my favourite ways to break up the day, is to take an afternoon walk in between meetings in Hyde Park.

Favourite London landmarks, and why?

Covent Garden Flower Market! On the morning’s that I’m not at the Kitchen Garden, I can often be found there - choosing fresh plants and flowers for the restaurant.

Tipple of choice and favourite cocktail hangout?

Hmmm… my favourite hang out at the moment is probably Gjelina, Los Angeles – the music is always amazing. These days however, I only really drink alcohol on special occasions and am mindful to only drink good quality, biodynamic, sulphate free wine or spirits. I’m a big fan of Gem & Bolt Mezcal. Our Wine Director at Farmacy is super knowledgeable and has recently added a selection of amazing new natural and biodynamic wines to our menu.

Favourite dining destinations, and why?

Globally? That’s a tough one…ABC Kitchen – is my go to restaurant in New York for a quick bite with friends. I love the environmentally conscious food, which they deliver so well. In London…King Cook Daily is a pioneer of tasty plant-based Asian cuisine and I love Skye Gyngell’s restaurant Spring, and Heckfield Place for their biodynamic produce.

Final stop for a nightcap, and why?

My nightcap days are over, thank goodness! If we have had a night out, you’re much more likely to see me make a beeline for the kitchen when we get home, to rustle up a midnight snack, rather than hanging around for last orders at the bar. 

Best hangover remedy?

As part of our drinks menu at Farmacy we offer a range of Farmaceutical syringe shots, and one of them - ‘Antidote’ - is great for hangovers. It is made from a fusion of activated charcoal that traps toxins and raw coconut water, that is full of electrolytes and really helps to rehydrate you. I also love a shot of pure ginger – nature’s hair of the dog!

Where next on your travels?

At the moment I am spending quite a lot of time in the US, promoting our first book, Farmacy Kitchen Cookbook. We are due to open a second site in London soon, and following this will be launching across the pond - so I think my next trip will probably be to LA for a few potential site recces. Exciting - watch this space!

Having immediately experienced the powerful healing benefits of a plant-based diet herself, following extensive research and travels, Camilla was inspired to create Farmacy; a place where she could share her philosophy on nutrition and help bring the conscious eating revolution to London.

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