Meaning butter in Danish, Smør offers Nordic cuisine and a fast-casual vibe in the East Village.

Owners Sebastian Perez and Sebastian Bangsgaard bring a sense of hygge to New York City, with plenty of natural light and comfy cushions as well as a menu of Nordic flavors.

The menu is focused on Danish breads, known as smørrebrød. These open-face rye sandwiches come with toppings like dill cream, lemon curd and marinated cucumber; roast beef with remoulade and crispy onion; and pickled herring with crème fraiche, shallots and capers. Other delicacies include Danish pancakes and grain bowls and dinner service will be added in the future.

Ideal For

A quick sit-down or takeout lunch

Signature Dishes

Smørrebrød, open-faced sandwiches with toppings such as curried herring and soft-boiled egg, roasted potato with aioli ord smoked salmon with lemon curd and dill crème

Signature Drinks

Teas, coffees and house sodas.