Sala’o Cuban Bar & Pescaderia

A Cuban bar and pescaderia bringing authentic Cuban recipes with a modern twist.

The restaurant was conceptualized by owners Eliesteban Mena and Oscar Rodriguez who also started Old Havana Cuban Bar and Cocina– a staple in Little Havana just a few blocks away. Expect an old-school, 1940s Havana vibe with a seafood-filled menu and classic Cuban cocktails on offer  - inspired by a small fishing village in Cojimar, Cuba where Ernest Hemingway used to keep his boat. 


Ideal For

Cuban cuisine

Signature Dishes

Salpicón de mar, a seafood salad with onions, peppers, and capers; swordfish escabeche, a dish of pickled fried fish flavored with pimentón de la vera, onions, and bell pepper and harina con cangrejo - a Cuban cornmeal stew prepared enchilada-style, with fresh crabmeat.