The Tonkotsu ramen experts from Japan have opened their biggest US restaurant in New York City’s Midtown.

The new Times Square restaurant, its third in the US, features bi-level seating with collapsible wooden dividers, so U can enjoy group as well as solo dining. 

The family-owned business, which operates 75 restaurants in Asia, started in Fukuoka as a simple ramen stall in 1960. The design of the Times Square location mirrors the original restaurants in Japan and pays homage to the Showa Era in the 1960s. The space features stained wood paneling and windows as well as signature colors of red, green and black. 

At Ichiran the star of the show is the Tonkotsu ramen. Each bowl comprises Hakata-style thin noodles and the classic Tonkotsu broth made with filtered water and pork bones and the Original Spicy Red Sauce (Hiden no Tare), a togarashi pepper-based sauce aged with more than 30 secret spices.

U can personally customize Ur ramen bowl choosing Ur ingredients, flavor level, noodle texture and Kae-Dama (noodle refill). Bowls of ramen are served in an original Jubako ramen bowl, with each bowl delivered in 15 seconds from kitchen to the table.

Ideal For

A bowl to warm the soul

Signature Dishes

Each ramen bowl can be tailored with the diner’s choice of dashi flavoring, richness levels, garlic, scallion, Chashu (sliced pork), Hiden no Tare and noodle textures.

Signature Drinks

A selection of draft beers such as Asahi Super Dry and Matcha, as well as Matcha green tea, Ramune (a Japanese soda), and Calipico, a soft drink with hints of citrus and yogurt flavors.