Paradise Lost

Trendy cocktail joint in Ibiza's cobble-street Old Town.

Paradise Lost is where the cool crowd who used to hang in the port relocated five years ago. Beyond the alfresco terrace, the inner bar room is all mismatched lamp stands and leather sofas. Every cocktail on the menu holds dark rum, from the Chocolate Orange containing Sherry and Blood Orange Liqueur, to the Banana Milkshake, which comes sprinkled with cacao nibs. Top DJs often drop in unannounced to play to a quirky crowd who drink here until 3am.

Ideal For

Fun evenings with friends and industry types prior to the club

Signature Drinks

Paradise Punch: Absolut, Southern Comfort, Amaretto, pineapple juice, orange juice & grenadine; Return to Eden: Blackwell rum, watermelon & poemgranate shrubb basil, lime, maple and vanilla rock candy