The Clean Vic

Sainsbury’s is launching the UK’s first No & Low Alcohol Pub in central London...

The Clean Vic No & Low Alcohol Pub is opening its doors on New Oxford Street from 24th to 25th July. Serving an extensive range of over 20 non-alcoholic and low (up to 0.5%) ABV alternatives to wines, beers and spirits. Entry to the pub costs just £5 for a one-hour session, which also entitles attendees to two drinks of your choice and two bar snacks throughout your visit.

Ideal For

Clean living


Thee Clean Vic is also offer immersive workshops for those looking for some inspiration on how to reduce their alcohol intake. Join Millie Gooch, founder of Sober Girl Society, for mocktail-making masterclass, or try a range of no and low ABV beers and lagers with a beer tasting session.