London's Best Katsu Sando Sandwiches

Discover the best places to chow down on the trendy Japanese sandwich...

Tóu by Tā Tā Eatery

Tā Tā Eatery are back with a shop (at new market hall Arcade Food Theatre) dedicated to their most famous dish, the Katsu Sando. Founders Meng and Ana (formerly of Viajante, Corner Room & Chiltern Firehouse) are serving up their innovative menu of sharing plates - with a strong Asian accent. The name is inspired by the Mandarin words for “he” and “she” and their menus nod towards the culinary traditions of their native China and Portugal. The project began as a street food stall on London’s Druid St. Market, before a series of pop-ups and their first permanent residency at Tayēr and Elementary. The menu includes Meng and Ana’s characteristically playful take on rice bowls as well as cult-favourite, the Katsu Sandwich – a toast sandwich of deep-fried, slow-cooked Iberico pork neck served and Asian slaw. 

Dinings SW3

Nobu alumni Masaki Sugisaki, Executive Chef at famed contemporary Japanese restaurant Dinings SW3, offers a monthly (every last Tuesday) off-menu Omakase evenings paired with exclusive sakes. An intimate gathering (for just 12 diners) based around the central sushi counter, the evening offers a chance to learn more about Dinings SW3’s selection of own-brand Sakes and try a one-off Omakase menu, devised especially for that particular evening by Chef Masaki and his team, showcasing the best that the restaurant has to offer with their take on the ‘Japanese Izakaya’, combining traditional Japanese techniques with modern European cuisine. Dishes could include their signature sushi and ‘tar-tar chips’ with fresh sashimi to the hot ‘Shuko’ dishes cooked on the traditional Josper grill to new creations such as his own take on a wagyu Katsu-Sando. 


A walk-in wine and skewers counter spot in Hackney from the people behind P. Franco and Bright. The Japanese-inspired grill restaurant and natural wine bar (near Hackney Central) serves a short menu of dishes made up of chicken thighs, hearts and wings along with fish dishes such as smoked mackerel. The restaurant’s katsu-sando (previously available at Bright), started the capital’s craze for deep-fried sandwiches and their version - discovered on a trip to Japan - features a filling of katsu fried pork cutlet with shredded white cabbage and a katsu sauce and served with a dollop of hot mustard. 

Monocle Café

A hipster design-focused ground-floor and basement hideout in Marylebone (opposite Chiltern Firehouse) and is Monocle Magazine’s first and only UK concept café. The café’s carefully curated menu features dishes chosen by the magazine’s writers on their travels, alongside freshly roasted coffee. The eclectic offering includes Swedish pastries to Japanese and Scandinavian breakfasts, to katsu sandwiches. Their attractive (and highly grammable) chicken katsu sando is served with iceberg lettuce and salt and vinegar crisps, for extra crunch. Pictured. 


Jidori draws upon the rich tradition of Tokyo yakitori joints, bringing this hugely popular variety of Japanese street food to East London and Covent Garden. The restaurants are centred around an open kitchen complete with a custom made 'Kama-Asa Shoten’ grill as the centrepiece with minimalist decor (think wood, neat lines and brass trim) and offers a selection of yakitori skewers (focused on using all parts of the chicken) served alongside inventive Japanese small plates and rice dishes. Included on the menu is the Cheeseburger Katsu Sando - aged beef patty covered in crispy panko crumbs, cheddar, bulldog sauce and kewpie mayo. Available at lunchtimes only. 


Renowned Michelin-starred chef and restaurateur, Jason Atherton is bringing back this Japanese restaurant with a new Soho location. The izakaya-style restaurant (originally Clerkenwell based) serves casual yet refined Japanese cuisine using British seasonal ingredients with a menu comprising small dishes, with sections dedicated to different specialities. Inspired by traditional minka houses, evoking the intimate experience of sitting in a Japanese home they served up an epic tonkatsu pork version with dashi maki tomago, red cabbage and wholegrain mustard. Going to be worth the wait... 

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