Live and Let Dine.

From the creators of Game of Thrones spoof murder mystery Dinner is Coming, The Vaults brings you a brand new, espionage-fuelled immersive dining experience.

Your mission? To head to The Vaults for this unique and immersive underground Bond-themed supperclub. MI6’s most invincible, alluring and enigmatic agent Jimmy Bon has been MIA for 6 months, lost in service to Queen and country; presumed dead. 

Now it's time for a new 007 to take on Britain’s most deadly role, and if you think it's that easy, you clearly haven’t been watching the news...Head to MI6’s secret underground bunker for a feast-  fit for an assassin - to mourn their lost agent, and celebrate the newly appointed 007, Jen der Paygap. Tickets from £40. 

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