Cromwell Place

A first of its kind gallery hub offering exhibition and working space for art professionals.

The impressive space (and multifaceted arts venue) is located in the heart of South Kensington’s museum district and housed within five Grade II listed buildings. Designed in 1858 by Sir Charles James Freake, the Victorian townhouses house 14 unique gallery spaces, permanent and shared offices, dedicated co-working spaces, meeting rooms and viewing rooms - dedicated to galleries, dealers, collectors and art professionals seeking a presence in central London. The Club Room, due to open in 2021, is in partnership with Michelin-starred chef, Ollie Dabbous of Hide acclaim. 

Cromwell Place is also home to some of the world’s most exciting galleries, collectors, dealers and advisors: with specialities ranging from Antiquities and Old Masters through to 19th Century, Modern and Contemporary art. Membership is open to those who can 'demonstrate a high standard of curatorial and professional competence'. 

Ideal For

Art lovers & art workers