Alison Jackson Exhibition at NeueHouse Hollywood

Photographer Alison Jackson exhibition Truth is Dead features evocative photographs in which look-a-like doubles pose as the public figures, celebrities and royals they resemble.

This exhibition - by Alison Jackson, the contemporary BAFTA and multi award-winning English artist - is a collaboration between NeueHouse and Fotografiska. These doppelgängers simulate private, sometimes intimate and exposed, situations. With these staged photographs, Jackson explores the impact that the depicted celebrities have on our experiences and raises questions about celebrity culture and the public desire for gossip.

Displayed in NeueHouse Hollywood’s Studio A gallery space, Donald Trump, the British Royal Family, Marilyn Monroe, Kim and Kanye West, Elton John, David and Victoria Beckham, are but a few who are featured in the exhibition. The catalog of over 60 portraits takes NeueHouse members and the public alike on a journey designed to question one's belief in representation and truth.

By appointment from 4pm until 8pm, with tickets costing from $14.