Yess by Junya Yamasaki

A Japanese restaurant and wine bar by acclaimed Japanese chef Junya Yamasaki.

Junya Yamasaki was the founder and Head Chef of Koya in London (which closed in 2015), which started as a simple udon noodle restaurant then gained cult status as one of the most original and creative Japanese restaurant in London. Currently, via a sashimi-centric Yess Aquatic food truck in the Arts District, Yamasaki dishes up highly original dishes using local seafood and Japanese techniques. Dishes include: a smoked black cod bowl with horseradish pickled cucumber, a sashimi salad with fried almonds and a seasonal fish katsu curry.

Yamasaki is also opening a Japanese eatery and wine bar in the same area, which will feature a large open plan kitchen and dining experience, with an adjacent casual café and wine bar with small plates. 

Check back for details. 

Signature Dishes

Hinoki-smoked black cod served with mayonaise, hard boiled egg, lettuce cups, and horseradish pickled cucumber; line-caught fish sashimi with a salad of radishes, herbs, fried almond slivers, and seaweed with a roasted chili oil and bocaccio - a fish curry with deep-fried fish and shellfish atop brown rice.