The Forest for Change at Somerset House

As part of the London Design Biennale, Forest For Change will appear at Somerset House this summer, with 400 trees filling the courtyard.

A forest is set to be planted in the heart of London as part of an installation that set designer Es Devlin has designed for the city's design biennale. The Forest for Change will fill the entire courtyard of Somerset House, home to the London Design Biennale from 1-27 June. 

The Forest for Change includes 400 trees of 23 different varieties that are native to the UK and Northern Europe. The trees will remain in planters, surrounded by shrubs and landscaping to create the illusion of a biodiverse woodland emerging from the paved courtyard without physically breaking through its cobblestones.

Make yourr way through the labyrinth of trees to find a clearing at its centre, housing a pavilion created in partnership with non-profit communications agency Project Everyone and dedicated to the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals.