Ninive Miami

Enjoy Arab cuisines from the Middle East, North Africa and Gulf, in a contemporary pan-Middle Eastern setting.

The restaurant’s name is derived from Nineveh, the ancient city which housed the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. The Middle East and North Africa-inspired Ninive opened at Dubai’s Jumeirah Emirates Towers hotel, from the owners behind La Cantine du Faubourg Dubai and Ibiza’s 105 by La Cantin. Similar to the Dubai counterpart - expect the design of the Miami outpost to combine elements of a garden and a contemporary urban majlis, the space where, in Islamic culture, people meet to make big decisions - incorporating the aesthetics of a traditional Bedouin tent.

The menu features dishes like sautéed lamb marinated in spices and served in a casserole, chicken comes stuffed with saffron rice, raisins and pine nuts and Tashreeb, an Iraqi dish, braised lamb in breadcrumbs cooked for seven hours in spices and lemon.  

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