Relais Beefbar London

A London outpost of the latest concept eatery by international restauranteur Riccardo Giraudi...

Beefbar is a foodie favourite - now with outposts around the world - was created in Monaco by Riccardo Giraurdi, a leading European meat importer and his love for all things beef. The iconic Beefbar is perhaps the world's most fashionably delicious steakhouse. This new concept (with outposts in Monaco and Paris) is in partnership with Relais De Paris - the classic French institution famed for its steak-frites and secret sauce created in 1959. 

The menu concept is simple, based on the finest high-quality ingredients and centred around five signature menu options - including traditional steak and fries and Australian Wagyu steak with XL-fries - all served with the famous original Relais de Paris sauce. 

Check back for updates.