A legendary and famed Lisbon establishment, which ranks alongside the world’s top restaurants.

Thanks to chef Jose Avillez’s dramatic re-envisioning in 2012, Belcanto, in Chiado, is the first restaurant in Lisbon to earn two Michelin stars for the inventive cuisine that uses the latest gastronomic techniques to update traditional Portuguese dishes. The dining room - located in a historic men’s club - is just as refined, with every course placed before you with a flourish by an expert staff. 

Belcanto has several tasting menus. The cheapest one - Menu Lisboa - costs 125€ and has six dishes. The most expensive is the Evolution Menu (165€) and the number of dishes is kept as a surprise. Standouts dishes include suckling pig with orange purée; sea bass with seaweed; and Avillez' masterstroke, the Garden of the Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs (slow cooked egg with crunchy bread and mushrooms. Belcanto is with out a doubt a spot to impress and you will need to book it one or two months in advance. 



Ideal For

Modern Portuguese cuisine

Favourite Table

Chef’s Table for ringside culinary action in the kitchen.

Signature Dishes

Hake in fig leaf served with roasted baby leak, barbela wheat crunchy toast and smoked ham; scarlet shrimp with shrimp head curry, green apple gel, asparagus and coriander; suckling pig with orange purée; sea bass with seaweed; sea bass with smoked avocado, pistachio oil, lime zest, and dash and for dessert a cold citrus bomb.