Klimt: The Immersive Experience - London

Explore the artist's life, career, and secrets like never before with 360º digital projections at this light and sound spectacular.

Digital art meets one of the greatest masters of Art Nouveau. Klimt: The Immersive Experience is a unique digital art exhibition featuring his many masterpieces and exploring stages of his life - in a totally 360° immersive experience. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable special effects laden immersive experience, using cutting-edge tech to create two-storey projections of the artist’s most famous pieces, including The Kiss, Judith and the Head of Holofernes, and The Tree of Life. 

The exhibition also includes galleries that focus on Klimt’s life, his technique and his influences, and a VR experience that takes you through a day in the life of the artist and the inspiration behind some of his most iconic paintings. Tickets from £19.90.