Lucky Buns at Carousel

Cult US burger brand ‘Lucky Buns’ are taking up a long-term residency in Carousel's twelve-seater 'side hustle'.

US burger slingers Lucky Buns are bringing their award-winning patties to Carousel’s twelve-seater casual dining space on Charlotte Street. They’ll serving up burgers, wings and riffs on classic cocktails inspired by the clashing burger cultures of the world - from the Australasian surf-shack style buns to Americana-style of their double-stacks. 
Founder Alex McCoy’s burgers have developed a cult following along the East Coast since Lucky Buns’ inception in 2017, with two locations in Washington D.C, and a third in Baltimore. They’re bringing all their classic flavours and pimped-up favourites with them. The space has been given an interior refresh to match the late-night dive bar style of the Lucky Buns’ US locations. Think vibrant neons, twinkling lights and beachside vibes, made for XXL flavours and summertime cocktails.

Ideal For

Towering burgers that are consistently ranked amongst both the East Coast and the U.S’ very best.

Signature Dishes

Mumbo Nugs - Crispy fried buttermilk chicken nugs with spicy Thai chilli mumbo sauce, fried chillies, peanuts, crispy garlic & herby salad; the ‘Lucky Bun’ - with double beef patties, gouda cheese, Lucky sauce, rocket, charred red onion & house dill pickles and Loco Moco Fries - with Hawaiian curry gravy.