Angelo Musa at Harrods

Harrods marks the first international outpost for the acclaimed chef, bringing his exceptional pastries to the Knightsbridge store.

Currently Executive Pastry Chef at Paris's Hotel Plaza Athénée, Musa is known for his avant-garde techniques and has won a string of awards including ‘Meilleur Ouvrier de France’ and ‘World Pastry Champion’. As one of the world’s most celebrated French pastry chefs - he's also worked with with Philippe Conticini and Alain Ducasse - he is held in high regard for his ability to express the full flavour spectrum of a hero ingredient, “Early in my career, I realised that taste was all about revealing emotions, while texture is the embodiment of the soul of a dessert” says Musa. 

And now, Angelo Musa has opened a patisserie on the Fourth Floor at Harrods. The menu is a selection of Musa’s much-loved creations, alongside a few new recipes such as his hazelnut Paris-Brest, a strawberry and mint tartlet and a grapefruit-perfumed vanilla mille-feuille. 

Ideal For

Exquisite pastries, cakes and savoury delights

Signature Dishes

Musa’s winning dessert for the World Pastry Cup. Named Papilio (meaning a family of butterflies in French), it marries chocolate sponge, mousse and cremeux with coconut, passion fruit and mango caramel and a dark-chocolate glaze.