Dopamine Land

A multi-sensory and immersive, dopamine inducing experience that uses state-of-the-art technology to indulge all your senses.

An immersive interactive pop-up museum that combines traditional media and innovative technology 'that channels the limitless imagination of your inner child and transforms it into reality'. Disconnect from everyday life and connect with your emotions through colourful installations that inspire relaxation, excitement and happiness.
Be transported to a different imaginary realm, full of optical illusions, sound effects, and themed rooms, for the ultimate sensory overload. There are various rooms and zones to travel through that include the Bubble Room where you can sip on bubble tea under a sky of bubbles and stained glass windows; memory and smell intertwine in the Popcorn Room and you can let loose and get competitive, in the Pillow Fight Room.
Tickets are priced from £20. 

Ideal For

Spreading joy, happiness-inducing.