Phantom Peak: An Immersive Open-World Adventure

A Western-style immersive experience that aims to feel “like stepping into a movie or a video game”.

Step into an alternate reality and lose yourself in this ever-evolving open-world, Western-style immersive experience - from the team behind both Time Run and Sherlock. Discover a glorious, steampunk wonderland - a fully-realised theme park style town where you explore astonishing sets and scenery while uncovering a myriad of mysteries. 

Discover the hidden experiences, interactive games and in-world secrets this town holds - complete with a cast of live actors. The town features an array of shops, restaurants and bars inspired by era. Elsewhere there will be sunken mines to explore by boat, and a number of hidden underground facilities. Shape your own experiences - whether by taking a boat trip on the lake, or by paying a visit to the Museum of Phantom Peak. Prices from £34. 

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