A warming trattoria-style restaurant serving up fresh, homemade pasta - ideal for a cosy lunch.

In the heart of Principe Real, Leonetta’s anti-minimalist setting brings together a visually rich palette of materials; marble, wood, leather and brass, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Glass bottles, jugs of dried flowers and jars of preserves line the dining area. And in the the winter months, it's the perfect place for a cozy lunchtime affair. 

The mixologist invites you in with a gorgeous concoction - be it a cucumber and basil mocktail, or for the more decadent diners, perhaps an espresso martini? Charming staff, warming bowls of fresh pasta and a fine wine list…you can’t go wrong. Expect traditional dishes such as burrata and focaccia- or venture into the unknown and try one of their more experimental offerings, think limoncello shrimp agnolotti or sweet gorgonzola ravioli.


Ideal For

Lunchtime trattoria fare

Signature Dishes

Burratta, limoncello shrimp agnolotti

Signature Drinks

Cucumber & basil mocktail