Go A Lisboa

A playful rooftop restaurant, bar and supper-club that brings boho-chic to Lisbon’s cultural agenda.

Low marble tables, sofas and ottomans furnish this laid-back, yet effortlessly stylish space, a home away from home for the city’s sophisticated boho crowd. Just this summer, Go A opened its doors for morning yoga classes, brunch and long evenings; combining good tunes, bold cocktail creations, and innovative small plates. 

Under the command of the mixologists, the young team aren’t afraid to throw together crafty concoctions. Ask the bartender for a Teddy Sour - a secret off-menu special from the in-house Teddy Hat brand. Made with mezcal and their Mushbuck mocktail, this sour exudes a gorgeous mushroom, malted buckwheat umami flavour. Highlights from the food menu include sautéed shrimps with orange, thyme and lemongrass, crab croquettes with citrus mayonnaise and peaches with burrata. 

Upstairs, the terrace provides the perfect atmosphere for relaxing. After a successful first season, the second phase of the project downstairs is now in full swing. Think drinks, fine fun dining and dancing to the city’s and international finest techno/house DJs. There is a buoyant and genuine passion behind this project, which provides all day entertainment throughout the year. With 550 upstairs and 300 person capacity downstairs, the Go A space offers something for everyone and is also a delicious corporate and private event space.

Ideal For

Big groups, partygoers, supper clubs

Signature Dishes

Sautéed shrimps with orange, thyme and lemongrass, crab croquettes with citrus mayonnaise, peaches with burrata.

Signature Drinks

Teddy Sour