The Feast of Beekeepers at Bocca di Lupo

This February, Soho trattoria Bocca di Lupo is creating a buzz with a honey-inspired menu.

Chef and founder Jacob Kenedy is putting a honeyed spin on regional Italian favourites with a special menu of beautiful, honey-drenched dishes, 'The Feast of Beekeepers’. There are special cocktails infused with the golden nectar and a menu of honey'd dishes such as risotto with salty Pecorino and sweet honey, pork chops marinated in rosemary and honey and also 'seadas,' fried Sardinian pastries stuffed with Pecorino and lemon zest and drenched with honey. Dishes from ‘The Feast of the Beekeepers’ are available to order alongside the à la carte menu from 10th - 14th February, with each special dish highlighted on the menu.

Signature Dishes

Piedmontese bruschetti layered with sheets of fatty lardo and bitter crushed walnuts, with a final drizzle of chestnut honey; a risotto with salty Pecorino and sweet honey; pork chop for two, marinated in rosemary and honey, grilled over wood and honey and to finish - a scoop of honey gelato topped with chewy honeycomb.

Signature Drinks

An Old Fashioned, combining whisky with soothing honey; a lemony Whisky Sour, garnished with a spoonful of honeycomb; and the Drunken Baby, with milk, honey and grappa.