Prescription Pilates

Prescription Pilates opens its doors as the first dynamic Reformer Pilates studio in Lisbon.

Combining the principles of Pilates with a powerful, full-body workout, Prescription’s bespoke method targets the mind, body and soul. It addresses bad posture and improves balance, flexibility, core strength and your mood, by releasing endorphins and positive feelings. Prescription offers a combination of classical Reformer Pilates and uplifting, energising workout, designed to do good and feel good. The classes are low-impact and high-intensity, encouraging you to stretch and sweat. 

From the moment you enter the bright and modern studio, you are made to feel at ease. Whether you are new to the class or experienced, the instructors are knowledgeable and attentive. The teacher carefully leads you through the class, explaining how the reformer works and demonstrating each movement with personalised guidance. The classes are engaging and motivating, leaving you to feel powerful and uplifted.



Ideal For

Beginner to experienced, sweaty classes, toning, health is wealth...

Membership Price

€55 for 3 classes starter pack. €35 for 1 class. €150 for 5 classes. €270 for 10 classes. €500 for 20 classes