José Pizarro x Dani Garcia

Two of the biggest names from Spain are promising a “masterclass of Spanish cuisine”...

BiBo in Shoreditch - the first London restaurant from three Michelin-starred Spanish chef Dani Garcia - is hosting a £100-a-head, ten-dish dinner cooked by legendary Spanish chefs José Pizarro and Dani Garcia. The one-off menu comprises an array of both García and Pizarro’s hero dishes, showcasing their signature styles and encapsulating gastronomical traditions of their home country. Tickets are priced at £100.

Signature Dishes

Brioche bun with beef oxtail, bull sauce, mushroom bottom and rocket; fried langoustine with basil; black octopus paella; tuna belly with almonds and green apple; grilled avocado and feta cheese salpicon and fried flower rosette waffle with saffron custard and a classic burned Basque cheesecake.