Undercroft by Brad Carter

Carters of Moseley chef Brad Carter makes his London debut this summer with a restaurant in the crypt of Mayfair's St George's Church.

The chef behind the Michelin-starred Carters of Moseley restaurant in Birmingham is set to open a new restaurant in the crypt of an old church. Brad Carter is a chef known for his incredible creative cuisine will open Undercroft - bringing together “the best in art, design, music and food" - below St George’s, a sweeping 16th century building off Hanover Square that dates back to the reign of George I. The 107-seat restaurant, housed in a vaulted underground space accessed by a side door and stairway will revive dishes that have disappeared off menus. Dishes will include wild garlic chicken toast, sea tripe and seaweed soup, Tamworth pork with creamed snails and sorrel, and barbecued duck with offal and oats. 


Signature Dishes

Wild garlic chicken toast; Devon White fried chicken by weight; beef & girolle soup with grilled Carlingford oysters; BBQ aged duck with offal’d oats; Fen Farm mascarpone ice cream with pumpkin seed oil.